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When founders—Steve Wallace and Mitch Edwards—decided to take the leap to start a digital marketing agency in 2019, they wanted to create a business designed around helping sole traders and small business owners grow.

They believed a strong website was the first step in building a business. In today’s world where is the first place your customers will research your business? Online. Because of this, they are committed to building great websites and smart marketing strategies around how to drive new traffic to your site.

Using their experience in digital marketing they can offer the perfect toolbox to achieve your business goals. Whether you have an existing website that is not performing, or you are just getting your business off the ground, they bring over 20 years of experience to the table.

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What is the story behind Octopus Digital?

You might be wondering: what does an octopus have to do with digital marketing, and why did they choose to feature it in their brand? Well, we’re glad you asked! If you didn’t already know, the octopus is a truly spectacular creature. With 9 hearts and 3 brains, not only is an octopus unique in the animal kingdom, but it is also a remarkably intelligent animal with legendary abilities to adapt to its environment.

Did you know that an octopus can change colour to camouflage to their surroundings? They are also known for their clever ability to outwit other species, even developing a reputation as escape artists who can find ingenious ways to get out of enclosures.

Mitch & Steve understand how difficult it can be for small businesses to get a professional, high-quality website that is affordable and works the way you want it to. They wanted to channel the adaptability and intelligence of a truly one-of-a-kind being, the octopus. While they may not have 9 hearts and 3 brains, they certainly strive to go above and beyond to offer compassionate customer service that equips their customers to outwit their competition and stand out from the crowd.

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